Our Values

Our Values

Values are the principles or standards of behavior of a person or organization. They are one's judgment of what is important in life. 

Here are 6 values on "Who we are":


The Word

We value digging deeper into Gods wordbecause his word is the foundation of life. 

Call to Action: Am I being shaped by God's word? 


We value reaching upward to God because we become like the One we worship

Call to action: Am I receiving from God as I give to others? 




We value connecting outward because Gods family is bigger than those we already know. 

Call to action: Am I creating an atmosphere that allows others to belong?



We value seeing beyond, because graciousness is a gift we have received and desire to give to others. 

Call to action: Am I loving others for who God says they are? 




We value aiming higher because excellence is an honor we give to God and those we serve. 

Call to action: Am I doing the best I can with what I have today?


We value withholding nothing, because servanthood is what Jesus demonstrated to the world, and it's what our world needs from us. 

Call to action: Am I giving of who I am and what I have to those around me for the cause of Christ ?